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    Karpathos is situated between Crete and Rhodes, in the middle of the Karpathian Sea.It is a very traditional island whose residents take care to preserve local traditions and where you will find out the authenticity and warmth of Greece to a great extent as it was fifty years ago. Even though the city of Karpathos has a full of activity waterfront with plenty of cafes and restaurants, the island has not given itself over to mass tourism. Karpathos is the ideal island for a quiet holiday with its authentic pure natural beauties, its unique wealth, all enhanced by the hospitality of its residents. Its magnificent beaches, its secluded small bays, its imposing mountain peaks and its local inhabitants who dress up in their traditional costumes. Karpathos consists of 10 villages with a total population of just about 6,000. All villages preserve intensively the traditional style of the island.

    Activities & Attractions

    Karpathos attractions range from historical religious sites to natural attractions. It still retains many old island customs and is a treasure for ethnologists many are well know over the world, including world heritage sites like Olympos Village.

    Getting Here

    Karpathos International Airport (AOK) in Afiartis area is Karpathos’s major airport, serving as the entry point for most of Karpathos’s visitors. There are almost daily flights which connect the Athens International Airport with Karpathos and during the summer season there are some direct charter flights from abroad. You can go to Karpathos by ferries from Piraeus, to the south of Athens. The trip takes about 15 hours. There are also normal ferries connecting Karpathos with neighboring islands.

    Weather & Climate

    Karpathos enjoys a mild temperate Mediterranean climate. During the summer months the temperature may occasionally reach the upper 30’s(high-factor sunscreen or sun block to be used) but due to the cooling factor of the frequent winds an average of 28°C can be expected.Winters on the island are mild with an average temperature of 15°. It is only on very rare occasions the thermometer may reach freezing. There is only light rainfall mainly in autumn and the beginning of spring.